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“For the past several years, I have worked with Jo Ann Ellison in her capacity as Chair of the SaddleBrooke Public Affairs Commission.  During that time, I have found her to be a tireless advocate for the interests of SaddleBrooke residents and the greater good of our community.  I strongly support her election to the SaddleBrooke One Board of Directors and encourage you to join me in voting for her in the upcoming Board election.”

 Jim Hagedon, Unit 21

"I can heartily endorse Jo Ann for the HOA#1 Board without reservation. She's a long time member of the community, has always been constructively engaged, is open minded and receptive, and was a steady hand during her previous Board service. Coming back after a break with a fresh perspective, she's uniquely qualified to help us decide where we want our community to go -- and then work hard to get us there. Please join me in supporting Jo Ann."

Gary Hammond, 19 year SaddleBrooke resident
and former General Manager of a Large HOA in New Jersey, Aging in Place Advocate

"I served with Jo Ann on the Board. Her legal background and perseverance were essential in enforcing the HOA rights with respect to a number of controversies. After I left the Board, Jo Ann continued to be a watchdog for effective and transparent management. She is running because she sees a need for this work to continue and I strongly support her."

Jack Jeffery, former SaddleBrooke One Board President

"I have known JoAnn Ellison for many years. Over those years, I have had the pleasure to serve on the Saddlebrooke Public Affairs Committee with JoAnn as the chairperson. She has led the committee, focusing on our relationship with nearby communities and local services. She has led by example, making sure that her meetings are pertinent and related to the Saddlebrooke Community. She focuses on the question at hand, does her research, and presents a cogent and well thought out opinion on the subject. I believe JoAnn Ellison would work diligently as a member of the Board of Directors of HOA1 to move our community froward in the 21st century."

Sheila Clarkin, member SaddleBrooke Public Affairs,
Past President SaddleBrooke Women’s Golf Association

"Jo Ann is a long time SaddleBrooke resident who has been involved in several SaddleBrooke Clubs, Commissions and Committees as well as serving as on the Board of Directors. Her knowledge of SaddleBrooke is extensive. Jo Ann, as Chairperson of SaddleBrooke Public Affairs Commission, has worked with residents of SaddleBrooke Two to learn what is going on in the cities and neighborhoods surrounding us. The SaddleBrooke One Board of Directors can use her knowledge in both SaddleBrooke issues as well events occurring in neighboring communities. Jo Ann will also bring her extensive legal knowledge to the Board to help our community."

Debbie Muise, member Properties and Roads Committee

"I worked with Jo Ann on the SaddleBrooke One Board and found her to be a team player. She understands the diversity of concerns and priorities among our residents. Before making any decision, she has always motivated the Board and management to thoroughly understand the key facts and take the necessary time to weigh all the concerns and come to a quality decision."

Paul Fuchs, Prior President of the SaddleBrooke One Board

"I've known Jo Ann for over 10 years and had the opportunity to work with her on numerous committees and projects. One skill that always impressed me was Jo Ann's skill to drive management towards establishing metrics in order to identify opportunities for revenue and cost control. She is able to use her legal background and knowledge to defend the interests of the HOA and does so in a professional and friendly manner."

Dick Bogen, Former President SaddleBrooke One Board, Former Chair of Finance Committee
and Long Range Planning Committee, Current Chair of Golf Committee

" I have known Jo Ann for 12 years: She was Board Liaison when I served on the ALC, and presently is Chairperson of the SaddleBrooke Public Affairs Commission, on which I serve as Secretary. If there's one quality about Jo Ann that should convince you to give her your vote, it is that she is a tireless, patient listener, and follows through with what she has learned/heard with passion. All as a persuasive advocate with the best interests of the community at heart.
As a fellow attorney, I can attest that she always performs her "due diligence" on every issue. It will be to all of our benefit to have her back on the Board."

David Bull, Member, Senior Village at SaddleBrooke Board of Directors; Membership Chairman, Catalina Mountains Satellite (Tucson) Chapter/Military Officers Assoc. of America.


At a recent Public Affairs Event with Representatives of Oro Valley:
From L to R: Council member Harry “Mo" Green,  Mayor Joe  Winfield,  Jo Ann, and Council member Joyce Jones-Ivey