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Past and Current Joint Activities Between the Two Communities: Board and Management

 1.  Current SaddleBrooke Board:  The current SaddleBrooke One Board  has just finished a successful negotiation with the Board of SaddleBrooke Two to allow reciprocity between the two communities regarding the use of amenities.

2.  SaddleBrooke Public Affairs Commission:  The prior version of this Commission used to have members appointed from Boards of both SB1 and SB2.  SaddleBrooke Two withdrew its participation and the current Commission was re-chartered by SaddleBrooke One.  Its mission is to find out what’s happening around the SaddleBrooke Area in order to inform the Board and residents of potential opportunities and threats.  Residents of SB 2 can apply directly to the Chair to be considered for membership.

3.  Committees:  The following Committees meet or have met with their SB 2 Counterpart Committees:

    1. Architectural and Landscaping:  The Chairs meet once a month to discuss common concerns and issues, including house paint colors and focal trees.
    2. Tennis: There used to be a SB2 Tennis Committee and the two Committees had mutual liaisons, but the SB2 Tennis Committee has been decommissioned.
    3. Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC):  There used to be an SB2 LRPC that met with the LRPC of SB1,  but the SB2 LRPC has been decommissioned.

4.  Golf:

    1. For last two years, our Golf Team has worked with SB2 to coordinate purchases of sand (bunker) and seed to obtain bulk pricing.
    2. The SB Two Golf Operations has approached the SB1 Golf Operations Team for advice on various matters of course cultivation maintenance methods.
    3. The SB One Golf team has loaned SB2 mowers when their equipment was down.

5.  Patrol:

    1. For the past 10 years Patrol from both HOAs have been working together to create more equitable road laws in place.  The two HOAs now have matching speeding requirements and RV parking requirements.
    2. Patrol has had several joint projects together—the vaccination project and this year the golf cart registration project.  Both Patrols will be involved and the site of registration will alternate between the two HOAs annualy.
    3. The two Patrol teams recently finished a joint training session on de-escalation of highly charged situations.

6.  Properties and Roads:

    1. SB 2 has approached SB 1 with requests for advice on specifications for design work on crack sealing, seal coating and resurfacing and SB One has always been willing to help.
    2. Bulk purchasing of road materials:  So far, the two HOAs have not been able to work together due to timing issues.

7.  Food and Beverage:

    1. SB2 has loaned SB1 a commercial food mixer at times when its equipment was commercial down.
    2. The Two HOAs have traded staples when needed (e.g., boxed syrup for the soda machines).

8.  Human Resources (HR):

    1. HR representatives from Heritage Highlands, Sun City, HOA 1 and HOA2 meet on a regular basis to exchange information.
    2. SB 1 and SB2 recently had a joint OSHA training session with an OSHA representative on site to certify the individuals taking the training.  This was held at SB1.

9.  Operations:

    1. Operations teams from both HOAs worked together during the chlorine shortage to make certain that each HOA was aware of what pools would be closing when.  In order to have a more organized approach at re-opening after COVID closures, both HOAs coordinated their respective pool openings.
    2. During COVID, The SB 1 operations team shared with SB2 its creative approach regarding safety measures at the Fitness Center to mitigate COVID transmission.
    3. For the past 12 years the SB1 Operations Team has taken the lead and coordinated bulk item pick-up through Waste Management with SB2.

10.  Administration:

    1. During COVID, both HOA’s sent out notices when the administration was notified of a COVID positive resident.

11.  Front entrance:  The front entrance was a joint project lead by SaddleBrooke Two.

*This is a preliminary list and is not meant to be inclusive.