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2021 Election – 2022 SaddleBrooke One Board of Directors

Platform Summary

Platform Summary:

  • Protect and preserve the interests of the residents and their property.
  • Focus on strategic issues in order to preserve the SaddleBrooke Lifestyle on a long-term sustainable basis.
  • No Micromanaging: Provide oversight and hold management accountable.
  • Make sure that resident concerns are identified quickly and addressed with transparency.
  • Keep residents informed and encourage them to be engaged in HOA governance.
  • Closely monitor costs so we can keep our dues at affordable levels and avoid assessments.
  • Make sure that our amenity package and Community Service Fees level remain attractive to potential homebuyers now and in the future.

Priorities & Goals for the SaddleBrooke One Board of Directors in 2022: 

  • Continue to aim for consistent high-quality decision making (e.g. complete data, clear choices, and measurable results).
  • Continue to pro-actively analyze and develop solutions for strategic issues such as upgrading of amenities and improving marketing & communications.
  • Use the upcoming 2022 Resident Survey to identify priorities, interests and issues.
  • Make sure that Board planning is consistent with what our Community wants.
  • Continue to work with SaddleBrooke Two on the i) Board level, ii) the Committee level, and iii) the Management level in order to identify opportunities of mutual benefit.

Reasons Why Residents Should Vote for Me:

  • I love SaddleBrooke!   Each day I wake up grateful to have the privilege of living in this wonderful community.  I want to do my part to sustain it.
  • Experienced Advocate for All Residents:  Board members have a fiduciary duty to represent all residents – not just factions or special interests.  That is a serious responsibility.   I am not afraid to take a principled stand on key issues, even if I am in the minority.  I have done so when serving on the Board in the past and I will continue to do so.
  • My legal background, my continuing service to the community and my prior experience on the SaddleBrooke One Board will serve me well as a board member for 2022.